What can I expect? No two dinners are the same. Some people come alone, others with friends. The tables seat between 8 and 12 guests. We hope that you will make new friends and have a memorable dining experience. We welcome guests with an aperitif, followed by a five course Italian feast. You are asked to arrive promptly at 7.30. Why would I want to go to dinner in a place I don't know, to eat food I can't choose, with people I never met? To partake in great conversation and amazing Italian food in an unusual and fun and atmosphere  All you need to bring is an open mind, enthusiasm and an appetite. Is there a cost? The suggested donation to cover the costs of all that you will enjoy is currently $50 per person (plus wine, tax and tip).   Unlike some other supper clubs we don't ask for payment in advance. We do not accept credit cards, but do accept local checks. We do ask that cancellations be made well in advance so we can offer your place to others. How do I find the Italian Table? Once we receive your email requesting a reservation we will tell you if we can offer you a seat.  You then confirm you want the place and we send you further details. You will receive an email/ text by midday on the day of the dinner, and only then will you know the address and  door codes.

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  1. We loved our dinner. Because of the "communal table" setup we got to meet interesting new people. As it turned out, several of our tablemates new each other (not knowing this in advance) Food was fabulous, truly a taste of Italy,including the best prosciutto I have ever tasted. The pasta course was a perfect bolognese layered with homemade pasta. There was a (Tuscan?) roasted pork loin served with a porcini, madiera sauce, an exquisite salad with a basil vinaigrette. The cheese course had a wonderful selection: taleggio accented with pear mostarda, gorgonzola with grapes and a lusciously ripe parmigiano accented with aged balsamic. The dessert was a fabulous molten chocolate (the molten filling was nutella). Accompanying wines were a prosecco to start as the guests enjyed conversation before sitting. The bolognese was paired with a Sangiovese and the pork loin with a Sangiovese/Cab blend. Wonderful choices. Through it all Chef Friedman shared the stories of the food and his joy in finding out about them. For a truly unique experience try this!